The time that the oil is at the bottom of the earth, of course, it cannot be obtained without resistant equipment. No job can be failed when you have rough, stringent, rigid and reliable equipment! Its analyzed structure, designed to do longtime work in hard conditions. Standard spool diameter prevents any fatigue and abnormal stress to wire. A sensitive hydraulic control system protects the wire against overload fragmenting.



These equipment are designed and produced in various types:


  •          – Single / Double Drum,
  •          – Open / Close Loop Hydraulic System
  •          – One / Two / Three Pieces
  •          – Skid / Trailer / Truck Mounted


 Interior and exterior materials of Truck-mounted units and control cabins are high humidity and hot environment conditions resistant. Ergonomic cabin design and good visibility to work plane is another one of these units characteristic.


 The main advantages of the system are:

  •         – NIOC certified
  •         – Ergonomic, user-friendly design
  •         – Environmentally friendly actions
  •         – Sensitive hydraulic operation
  •         – Toolbox and storage areas
  •         – Over Load alarm
  •         – High quality, long-lasting parts
  •         – Easy and user-friendly operation
  •         – Rigid and computer analyzed structure
  •         – Zinc Rich epoxy painting to increase the lifetime of parts and structure
  •         – Wide after-sale maintenance and services time of parts and structure

We provide a full range of SlickLine Downhole Tools including:

  •        – Basic Tools
  •        – Fishing Tools
  •        – Running Tools
  •        – Pulling Tools

Esmaili Factory offer a full range of PCE for WireLine / SlickLine and Coiled Tubing Operations, such as:

  •              – Bop
  •              – Lubricator
  •              – Grease Injection Control Head
  •              – Stuffing Box
  •              – Tool Catcher
  •              – Tool Trap
  •              – Quick Test Sub
  •              – Load Indicator

All what a WireLine operation need are designed, produced and prepare by Esmaili Factory with best quality and stability.

The tools are made from high-quality steel and aluminum metals. These are well machining and hardening (if needed) according to NIOC standards.

The products are as follow:

  •           – Measuring Head
  •           – Load Cell
  •           – Hay Pulley
  •           – Spooling Unit
  •           – Mast Unit
  •           – Power Pack ad Generator
  •           – Hoses and Connection

There is also a group of designers who are ready to receive customer’s needs and ideas and find the proper solution with a new product.

Esmaili Factories can also offer Coiled Tubing Units which are suitable for complex operational mode and road transport.