High Power, synchronized coupled and high-pressure washer. Up to 300bar washing, pressure made it possible to clean hardened greasy clay from equipment’s joints and bodies. This multi-purpose water jet guarantees the proper physical condition of machines and equipment and is highly recommended for urban, airport and oil field equipment.


The main advantages of the system are:

  •          – Environmentally friendly actions
  •          – Electric Motor or Fuel Engine power source available
  •          – Continues working
  •          – High-pressure nozzle, tube, and lance applied
  •          – Separate chassis or push-cart mounted structure
  •          – Self-Priming system
  •          – Fine filtering
  •          – Low maintenance needed
  •          – Extra detergent reservoir
  •          – Complete electrical safety system (Electric motor module)
  •          – Toolbox and storage areas
  •          – High quality, long-lasting parts
  •          – Easy and user-friendly operation
  •          – Zinc Rich epoxy painting to increase the lifetime of parts and structure
  •          – Wide after-sale maintenance and services

Thanks to Esmaili Factory, Engineer’s scientific and experimental knowledge, there is a proper solution for Hydro-Mechanical systems with specially designed equipment. Following its successful background, Esmaili Factory specialists are ready to produce, service and maintenance of special designed Hydro Mechanic and Electro Pneumatic systems and equipment.

These are some of these unique projects that Esmaili Factory engineers have done prosperously.