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Esmaili Factory is established on 1974 by its present owner Hamid Reza Esmaili.
He was graduated in master degree of Electro Technique since.
Primary name of company was Automatic Washing Equipments and its base activity was assembling and mounting of Car Wash and Bus Wash equipments as the solo agent of American Hanna Company also produce and maintenance of street suction sweepers.
It was located on 4th Km of Karadj special Rd. in a 300 Sq. meter area.

In 1989 the name of the company and its nature converts to Esmaili Factory and it moves to its new location with 3000 sq. meters space.
Mr. H. R. Esmaili focused on Hydro mechanic and Electro Pneumatic systems and he spent his life in growing and increasing the range of products and abilities of the Esmaili Factory.

At present Esmaili Factory grows to 7500 sq. meters and with thanks to Mr. Esmaili stringent attention for quality and reliability of products, it becomes the most famous and trustful brands between the customers.

There is also established a consortium with sharing of three factories (Esmaili, Rowshan Sanaat and Ghaem Machine) that handles all metal working and heavy machinery services with space of more than 22000 sq. meters with 200 employees for total production and supports of heavy metal parts and production lines.

The products are now expanded to 4 departments which are:

  1. Urban Service Equipments
  2. Airport Ground Safety and Handling Equipments
  3. Oil Field Equipments
  4. Special Designed Equipments

All the products are ultimate designed by qualified engineers and reaches to optimum state by using the latest version of Mechanical Computer Software as well as the experiences of previous products help us to increase the quality and capability of products that cause Dynamic Innovation.

Esmaili Factory is proud of its customers and always does its best to keep them satisfied and happy by quick and correct service and response with 24/7 maintenance and service specialist team.

Eng. H. R. Esmaili guides its groups to gain the latest technologies and grow the capability and reliabilities of products to reach the brighter horizons…

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